Season of change

As the end of my junior year here at Lee draws to a close, amongst the craziness of life, I have decided to take a small portion of my valuable time to reflect on this school year and a little further back. Now I realize that I am not fully through my college journey but I am a firm believer that we should all take time to look back every so often so we can see where we came from and where God has brought us. It truly helps you to appreciate your present situations a lot more.

I am currently in one of the busiest, most insane semesters of my college career and easily one of the most dynamic times of my life to date. As I said before the semester is about to end, which means a overload of last minute final projects, papers and tests, and if that isn’t enough to make any average man throw in the towel, I have also been in the process of signing the lease and moving into my first house, planning for a week long trip in the Ukraine, searching for a summer internship, and also getting prepared for my best friend’s wedding this May in which I am his best man. With the mixture of all of these big things going on around me, I have had to stop several times and rethink my current life strategy just to be sure I don’t end up on the tail of this time reeling in defeat. I am happy to say that I have made it through several hurdles and God is really putting the necessary things in place in His timing. By the end of this week, I will be more than halfway moved into my house, I will have all of my trip arrangements taken care of, and most of my final projects and papers completed. I am really tired and worn out but I can’t stop yet. God gives me strength daily, and I am only surviving through his power.

At the beginning of last semester I was going through a really tough time emotionally and I was not strong enough then to handle the struggles of today. God knows the best time for things and he has really proven that over and over again to me, and this time is no exception. I look back at how much I have truly grown since August of 2009 and I am shocked at how far I have come. Now with all of that said, I didn’t intend to make this entry into one of self pity or a public announcement of my life experiences, I just wanted to give credit to God for having my best interest in mind. He really knows what is best and when it is time for us to move to that next step in life. On Friday, I ate Chinese food for dinner and received a very encouraging fortune from my fortune cookie. I am not a superstitious man, but I do appreciate those little moments of encouragement even if it is enclosed in a cookie. The fortune simply reads ” Your hard work is about to pay off.” I always seem to get the most fitting fortunes for what I am going through, and I dont think it is wrong to think that God is speaking to me through them.

I encourage you to look back on the hard times of your past and see where God has taken you. You may not be going through the best time in your life but look ahead and trust God by knowing that He will see you through to the end. Don’t take for granted the good things, even if they are as small as a fortune cookie note, and your life will be that much brighter. God has always taken care of my questions and doubts and I know He will do the same for you! Be strong. Be encouraged. You are loved.

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