Adobe Creative 5 Suite Launch

Those who really know me well, they know that I love Photoshop and that much of my “free-time” — I don’t really have much free-time nowadays — is spent reading about Photoshop and watching videos with information and tutorials. Well a few days ago I decided to watch an hour-long video on that was a brief highlight of most of the new features in creative suite 5! I had already seen sneak previews about the new version of Photoshop, like the video floating around about the new “Content-Aware fill” which makes the process of removing unwanted portions of a photo essentially effortless! I could go on and on describing how much this will speed up my workflow when it comes to processing photos, but I will save that for another entry after which I actually have my hands on the software…that shouldn’t be too far away! Adobe has always been an innovative company and they have not disappointed with this release! As a student in advertising and graphic arts, CS5 will no doubt change so many things. With the added tools in Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Illustrator, as well as the addition of Flash Catalyst, creating content and designing creative and engaging media has never been more available to us students. Adobe has shown us that the sky is the limit and that even as a young professional, our ideas CAN be reached. I look forward to having the chance to really get my hands on this software and see what I can now create.

I encourage anyone who is really interested to see all of these new innovations to stop by Adobe’s website and watch all the Creative Suite 5 videos so you too can see the software in action!

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