MacLife – Week One

Well folks! It’s official. FedEx delivered and my iMac finally made it in last friday on February 26th. I decided to give it a week to really allow me to dive into the user experience and I will say that I am extremely pleased! This machine is solid, in build quality, hardware stability, and software capabilities. I spent the first weekend frittering away time in GarageBand and forsaking my homework. Right out of the box, I went straight to the preferences to set up my shortcuts and function keys and other workflow related functions. I am a big supporter of shortcut keys and this iMac did not let me down. The level of simplicity to set everything up was not easily matched. My laptop running Windows 7 is great and has served me well for the last two-three years but it was beginning to get sluggish( I did upgrade from Vista, which helped a lot). I am not becoming an Apple fanboy but I do LOVE my iMac, best tech purchase I’ve made in some time. Now I know this review sounds all positive but allow me to breakdown the cons…

Moving from Windows to Mac OS X was not too difficult for me, because I consider myself an innovator and I enjoy getting my hand on new technologies and learning the ins and outs whether I plan to purchase in the future or not, so I wasn’t completely new to the OS shift. It took time to get used to using the different interface controls, like on the open windows for example…I miss the maximize feature from Windows. I have had trouble with video connection on Skype and others, more often than I did on my PC. I do not like Safari, and the only reason I used it was to download Google Chrome browser.’s live game feed has yet to work. My bet is that issue is Adobe Flash based…and we all know how Apple feels about Flash. I haven’t connected my Google Android phone to it yet, and after the recent patent lawsuits I am sort of nervous! Just kidding! I have yet to completely understand how applications get properly installed. Sometimes they run from a disk image, sometimes they give me the option to place a shortcut in my applications folder…I dont get it yet. I’m sure there are other minor things that I am leaving out, but overall, it is a much more intuitive and fun user experience than all of the Windows PC’s I have owned…not to mention this has the best hardware I have owned to date so that helps too.

My switch from Mac to PC=success! I just need more Adobe CS software! Stay tuned for more my MacLife posts!

One comment on “MacLife – Week One”

  1. Nice… come set up my iMac when it comes in! haha

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