Anarchy vs Dictatorship

This post is actually inspired by the last bit of the panel discussion on thursday, and a tweet that I RT’ed the other day “@mikelemmon: Where the iPhone is a benevolent dictatorship, Android is anarchy.”

I want this post to blow up with discussion of differing opinions and facts. Most of you know I am an avid Google supporter and Android user. I have my legitimate facts why I support Android over Apple in the mobile market, and your more than welcome to ask for details.

Ill start by highlighting my main defense…With well over 10 different Android phones out on the market running across all major network providers and Android’s open source/linux base, I feel it gains a strength over the iPhone’s “close-minded” ways.

Let your voice be heard!


5 comments on “Anarchy vs Dictatorship”

  1. Totally agree with you. I’ve been on Android now for 3 days and love it. There’s so many reasons I picked it over the iphone (namely Verizon’s network coverage). There is nothing an iphone can do that my Eris can’t, and my Eris does so much more. Not to mention the rumors that AT&T is seeking another exclusive contract at the end of the current one with Apple, and the billion dollars they just invested in 4G network coverage. The iphone is a great device, don’t get me wrong, and I love Apple, and use a mac computer. The Android OS is just all about connectedness, and that is why all these media exist.

    And I hate when people say “the iphone is simple, Android is just so complicated.” Stop being so ignorant and just liking what everyone else likes… BE AN INNOVATOR!

  2. i’m going to have to disagree, of course. iPhone wins in straight usability, aesthetic of OS, and general reliability. plus it looks way better on the outside than any android. but i like apple stuff.

    at a basic level, the android phones are more technically advanced. but i’d rather be able to pick up an iPhone and already basically know how to use it.

    if only verizon had the iPhone…

  3. Straight usability? How is iphone easier to use than android? is it just because android can do more at one time? I would say that android is easier to use because everything is more clear as to what it does. Search button searches, back button goes back, home button goes home and so on. iPhone has one button that does more than one function, which could get frustrating if you want to do a specific function.

  4. plus as asthetics go, can you customize your background without jailbraking? Im curious.

  5. good point man. no worries, i’m not here to put a smackdown on android phones. they’re pretty sweet. and you’re right, the functions are somewhat more straightforward and obviously labeled.

    but i prefer the iPhone purely for the fact that everything is way simple (not that android’s not, i just naturally have a harder time navigating phones because they’re not all exactly the same–the strength of the iPhone is that they’re all pretty much the same, even when jailbroken). i also prefer the actual phone itself (looks, etc.) in the same way i prefer macs to PCs in outer aesthetic (and OS and so on…)

    android is way cool. and perfect for people who would naturally want to jailbreak an iPhone. android’s kinda “pre-jailbroken” and more customizable. and i know that more apps will certainly be released in the coming months, but the app store for the iPhone is still much more vast and widely known. android will definitely have to play catch up to the iPhone and app store combo (and will do a good job in the process surely), just in the same way that microsoft had to play catch up to mac os x over the past few years (i will say, windows 7 is a good OS. lightyears better than vista. but it took microsoft quite a while to realize what was going to work. and in doing so, pulled a few ideas from os x in the process, which is what the android vs iPhone is basically about–android systems catching up to the iPhone, which has held the largest share of the smartphone market for 3 years already).

    i don’t have a problem with android at all. it’s an excellent system. but i still prefer the iPhone 😉

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