Google’s BIG week!

Anticipation was beginning to build a week ago as plans leaked across many social media and online news sources about Google’s dive into the social networking pool. Many said that it would fail due to past attempts to enter the social networking world that just “flopped.” And now-a-days, social networking giants, Facebook and Twitter have become so popular it seemed impossible for Google to make a worthwhile attempt. Although Google was not the big dog in this fight, it definitely stood its ground with Tuesday’s and anticipated launch of Google Buzz. Less than a week later, Buzz is still growing. With its fluid integration into Gmail and aggregating the use of Google’s other popular services such as YouTube and Picasa, many were attributing the success of Buzz to it being built “in-house” and not being acquired from outside company. Well I started using Buzz as soon as it went active in my Gmail and I was active in it everyday, leaving my feedback on many peoples “buzz’es” and as of this morning I decided to hide Buzz altogether. It kept cluttering up my Gmail inbox and I was constantly getting emails on my Gmail app on my Android phone(yeah yeah I love Google, what can I say?). Still under a full week of being released Google is still making changes and adapting Buzz to fit the users requests. Until then, this “Buzzer” will stay away from Buzz for a little while…just for the sake of my sanity and clean Gmail inbox.

Also this week Google announced its acquisition of Aardvark, for 50 million dollars. According to, “Aardvark (formerly Mechanical Zoo) is a social search engine, founded by a group of former Google employees. Aardvark that lets users ask questions that are distributed to the social graph for a quick and high quality answers.” Looks like Google really means business in this social networking fight.

Aside from its highly anticipated release of Buzz and the acquisition of Aardvark, Google also announced on wednesday that it has plans to build several high-speed fiber networks across several cities in the US on a trial basis. Google Maps Mobile 4.0 was also released this week for those lucky Android users who are on version 2.0+ where certain users(ME!) are still stuck on Android 1.5 thanks to my lovely mobile carrier delaying release.  The newest release of mobile Google Maps has a Buzz add-on and a few other needed tweaks. If all of that was not enough Google also released a Labs add-on for the Google Maps website. Labs, for those of you who do not know, is a feature that was first released in Gmail that allows for software developers to create both fun and functional add-ons for Gmail, so just carry that idea to Google Maps. Yeah, that was all in one week. Way to go Google.

Now the hype moves to this coming week for the Mobile World Conference 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. Google’s Eric Schmidt will be delivering a keynote speech this week at MWC, and I am just too excited to hear what he has to say about Google’s growing presence in the mobile world.

Thats it for now! Keep checking back!

One comment on “Google’s BIG week!”

  1. personally, I think the technology that we SHOULD be excited about is the voice recognition features on android phone OS. I have yet to use the device so I have no idea how it works but the hands on previews are very impressive.

    Google Buzz… although i felt it would be a wizzle has definitely taken off… I mean, the sneaky ‘free feature’ approach it took gives it more market penetration than twitter… amazing move… amazing move.

    – Shashank

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